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Energy Research

Energy Research

Examining the Links Between Oil, Energy and the Economy
In Focus

Dallas Fed Energy Survey

Oil and Gas Activity Expands Strongly; Outlook Improves Dramatically

First Quarter 2021

Quarterly assessment of energy activity among oil and gas firms in the Eleventh District.

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Energy Indicators

January 2021

A monthly web publication of key economic indicators that offers a snapshot of the energy sector.

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Energy Slideshow

Charts containing the latest data on the outlook for energy in the region, the U.S. and around the world.

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Navigating the Changing Energy Landscape

November 20, 2020

The Federal Reserve Banks of Kansas City and Dallas held their fifth joint energy conference on Nov. 20.

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Energy in the Eleventh District
Permian Basin

The Permian Basin is one of the nation's oldest oil and gas producing regions. New technologies have transformed the region in the last decade, breathing new life into old wells and tapping new ones.

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Haynesville Shale

The East Texas and northern Louisiana counties making up the Haynesville Shale formation came to the public's attention in 2008, when exploration companies began flocking to the region in search of its unconventional gas resources.

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Eagle Ford Shale

Oil and natural gas extraction is booming in Eagle Ford Shale. Recent advances in horizontal drilling technology allow companies to extract oil and natural gas from shale, bringing new jobs and growing wealth to many rural communities in South Texas.

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Barnett Shale

As the birthplace of modern hydraulic fracturing, the Barnett Shale transformed U.S. energy production.

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Featured Articles and Research

Working Papers

Closer to One Great Pool? Evidence from Structural Breaks in Oil Price Differentials

This paper shows that the oil market has become closer to “one great pool,” in the sense that price differentials between crude oils of different qualities have generally become smaller over time.

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How Falling Oil Prices in Early 2020 Weakened the U.S. Economy

The benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) price of oil dropped by more than half from Jan. 21 to April 3. This oil price decline has weakened rather than strengthened the U.S. economy, making this event different from past episodes of falling oil prices.

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More on Energy

Global Economy

Index of Global Real Economic Activity

Business-cycle index of global real economic activity that may be viewed as a proxy for the volume of shipping in global industrial commodity markets.

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Economic Indicators

Houston: January 2021

Economic indicators for Houston were mixed heading into the end of 2020. Houstonians left home to engage in economic activity less frequently in December, likely due in part to the combined effects of the holidays and the worsening pandemic.

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