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Procurement Sourcing

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas conducts procurement through local and national channels to satisfy business unit requirements for products and services at the Bank.

Procurement Functions of the Bank»

Suppliers that demonstrate the best value to the Bank are typically selected in competitive bidding events. The Bank solicits suppliers to satisfy diverse listings of categories and commodities of products and services.

How the Bank Conducts Procurement»

The Bank is not authorized to procure from General Services Administration (GSA) Contracts or to purchase from federal supply schedules/catalogs. The Federal Reserve of Dallas' procurement protocol is to solicit at least three quotations from viable suppliers for purchase initiatives valued between $10,000 and $100,000; the minimum threshold for construction and renovation is $20,000. In the event a purchase initiative is valued at greater than $100,000, the Bank will conduct a formal Request for Quotes (RFQ) or Request for Proposals (RFP) through a web based application called Perfect Commerce. Perfect Commerce is a simple automated tool for suppliers to submit relevant information with regard to bidding events exceeding $100,000. Suppliers are invited to participate in formal RFQ/RFP competitive bidding processes. Contact to present questions regarding the Bank's overall competitive bidding process and how a supplier is selected.

Supplier Diversity at the Federal Reserve Bank»

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas encourages the participation of certified MWBE suppliers in all competitive bidding events. The Bank embraces the importance of building a robust and diverse supplier base and is committed to ensure success in this arena.

How to Register as a Potential Bank Supplier»

One step to being considered for invitation to the Bank's formal competitive bidding events is to register your organization using the Self-Registration Tool. Please note that registration creates no obligation on the part of the Bank to award a registered supplier business at any level, nor does it guarantee an invitation to a competitive bidding event(s). However, if you are not registered, we may not be aware of your availability, products or services offered. Registration significantly increases your opportunity over those suppliers who choose not to register.

Self-Registration Tool

To register for potential consideration in the Bank's competitive bidding events on a local and/or national level (the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas is one of 12 Federal Reserve Banks in the Federal Reserve System), please register using the self-registration tool. Please note that each individual Reserve Bank may have its own protocol for addressing procurement initiatives and events.

Users Guide for the Self-Registration Tool

This guide will assist those suppliers who desire to register to become integrated into the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas supplier database. The users guide provides step-by-step instruction on completing and submitting your supplier information using the Self-Registration Tool.

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Procurement Guidance