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Economic Inclusion

Historically, not everyone has had a chance to fully participate in our economy. We are working in the community to promote equitable access to resources and opportunities so all people can participate in the economy and prosper.

We identify and study issues that affect economic inclusion. These issues include uneven levels of educational attainment, the digital divide and access to health care and financial services.

Community Outreach

We bring together businesses, philanthropists, nonprofit organizations and governmental entities to help create actionable solutions to address critical challenges. Working closely with key partners, we focus on improving educational attainment, skills training and workforce readiness, expanding broadband access and creating affordable housing.


We conduct education programs for teachers and provide resources to students—including those from lower-income communities and communities of color—to help them understand the economy, learn financial skills, plan for college and develop roadmaps for their careers.

Financial Access

As a bank regulator, we ensure borrowers have fair access to banking and credit. Through our outreach, we promote programs and policies that improve financial resilience for lower-income people.

Community Reinvestment Act

We provide guidance and resources to help ensure banks invest in communities where they do business.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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