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Evening at the Fed: Dinner and Discussion for Educators

December 03–10, 2012 Dallas, El Paso, San Antonio, Houston

As the European Union is celebrated with a Nobel Peace Prize for its work promoting peace and reconciliation among historic enemies, the nations of the EU continue to face deep economic challenges related to the sovereign debt of some member states. The bond of cooperation and integration has proven successful on many fronts, but the threat that the European difficulties pose to economic stability around the world has put the monetary union in the spotlight. While many solutions have been discussed—ranging from fiscal integration to the break-up of the EU—there seems to be no clear path to stability. At the core, how do nations with widely divergent fiscal outlooks seek a common path back to prosperity?

Mark Wynne, senior economist, vice president and director of the Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, discussed the European Union and the continuing debt crisis at the 2012 Evening at the Fed.