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bigBANG! 2018: Dallas Deals and Dreams

October 24–26, 2018 Dallas Fed

Co-produced by Social Venture Partners Dallas, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

As Dallas continues to thrive, will we keep our eyes only on the vibrant changes happening in certain parts of the city? Or, will we decide that our future must be open to everyone, including those communities that have historically been marginalized? Dallas’ opportunities are great enough for everyone to have their chance.

This year’s annual bigBANG! conference explored two economic factors that are critical to everyone having a shot at success: 1) resilience, or the ability to withstand a shock or unexpected challenge; 2) mobility, or an equitable and open opportunity to rise. Through intentional social impact and development strategies, we can build resilience and mobility throughout Dallas.


  • Reception
    Wednesday, Oct. 24
    Polsinelli—2950 N. Harwood, Suite 2100, Dallas
  • Conference Day 1
    Thursday, Oct. 25
    Paul Quinn College—3837 Stuart Simpson Rd., Dallas
  • Conference Day 2
    Friday, Oct. 26
    Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas—2200 N. Pearl St., Dallas

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