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Leadership Development Program

As a new analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas you will put your degree to work, learn about our business, build important relationships, grow your skills and make a contribution that will affect the economy in our region, our nation and the world.

This program is designed to provide an exciting and challenging entry point for a career in the Federal Reserve. While working as an analyst within a business line at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas you will have unique developmental opportunities to build your leadership skills and your business acumen, and you will position yourself for a successful career trajectory doing work that makes a difference.

Program Experience

Analyst Role—You will rapidly become a valued team member as an analyst with your own responsibilities. In that role you may or may not rotate within the business line depending upon the type of work that is required. Regardless of which business line you join, you will be working directly on important projects and will be working side-by-side with experts in our organization.

Development—Aside from the day-to-day work as an analyst, we will provide you with the tools you need to grow and develop your career. You will gain an understanding of the business of the Federal Reserve and its importance to our country. You will develop skills through access to formal training, job shadowing, networking sessions with Bank leaders, and by taking on leadership roles in various volunteer activities sponsored by the Bank and the employee clubs.

Building a Network—The program experience creates opportunities to connect with people who can help guide your career. You will interact with colleagues across all business lines and at every level of the organizational chart. You will have access to coaches and mentors, employee clubs and groups within the Bank, and you will have opportunities to join professional organizations external to the Bank.

Program Specifics

Length of Program—You can expect to be an active member of the development program for at least two years. After those initial two years you will find that the Bank has development opportunities for employees throughout their career. Regarding the analyst position to which you are assigned you will find that most have promotional opportunities within a job family. Those in Bank Examiner roles can expect to spend up to four years to achieve the highly desired status of Commissioned Examiner with promotional opportunities during that time period.

Compensation—Our salaries are market-priced and are competitive within the financial industry sector. High performing employees can expect merit increases on an annual basis, promotional increases as they are earned, and will be eligible for some bonus pay. In addition the Bank offers an excellent package of benefits that includes a fitness center, paid vacation, tuition reimbursement, and great medical benefits.

Program Completion

Within two years, the expectation is that most analysts in the program will have been promoted into a higher-level position. You might even find yourself on a path to leadership if you have been a top performer and that is your aspiration. As an analyst in this program you will have the opportunity to own your career, and whether you choose to continue your growth with the Bank after you complete the program or you decide to explore other possibilities, you will find that your time in this program with us was time well spent.