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U.S. Economy

Weekly Economic Index

The WEI is currently 11.61 percent, scaled to four-quarter GDP growth, for the week ended May 8 and 12.05 percent for May 1.

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Energy Indicators

Natural gas prices increased modestly in April after falling from February highs that were driven by Winter Storm Uri. The freezing temperatures slowed natural gas exports, pushing up heating and electricity demand—including from coal—and contributed to a historic spike in electricity prices in Texas.

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Regional Economy

Texas Weekly Employment Estimate

The Texas Weekly Employment Estimate (TWEE), drawing on high-frequency data, provides a timely indicator of job growth in the state of Texas.

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In Focus
Southwest Economy, First Quarter 2021

This issue looks at COVID-19 and its long-lasting impact on Texas and effect on economic growth in Mexico. It also includes a Spotlight on Texas minority unemployment, a Q&A with Alan Viard on a value-added tax and an infographic on the collapsing fuel demand's effect on Texas exports during the pandemic.

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Dallas Fed Energy Survey

Activity in the oil and gas sector expanded strongly in first quarter 2021, according to oil and gas executives.

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global perspectives
Global Perspectives

This speaker series connects global thought leaders and community members for conversation around economic issues. (Via live webcast.)

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Texas Economy

Your source for information on the Texas economy and the Eleventh Federal Reserve District.

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COVID-19 Update

At the Dallas Fed, we're working to support the financial health of the people and businesses in the Eleventh District as we deal with this unprecedented crisis.

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High-Frequency Data

High-frequency indicators provide timely measures of key activity, drawing on alternative data sources to identify rapidly changing trends such as those seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Advance Together

Advance Together™ accelerates the progress of community partnerships in Texas that are addressing education and workforce challenges.

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Technology-Enabled Disruption

Implications for Business, Labor Markets and Monetary Policy May 21, 2021 | Virtual conference

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Dallas Fed Economics
Dallas Fed Economics

Economic analysis and insights from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

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Energy Research

The Dallas Fed is a premier source for information on energy economics.


Dallas Fed Communities

Promoting the economic resilience and mobility of underserved communities.

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