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U.S. Economy

Weekly Economic Index

The WEI is currently 7.65 percent, scaled to four-quarter GDP growth, for the week ended November 27 and 7.32 percent for November 20.

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Economic Indicators

San Antonio Economic Indicators

Broad measures of the San Antonio economy were largely positive in October. The San Antonio Business-Cycle Index increased, jobs were added at a moderate pace and the unemployment rate was steady.

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Economic Indicators

Dallas-Fort Worth Economic Indicators

Economic growth in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex remained steady in October. Both payroll employment and the Dallas and Fort Worth business-cycle indexes—broad measures of local economic activity—increased strongly.

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In Focus
Southwest Economy, Third Quarter 2021

This issue looks at renewable energy, and federal support and state budgets. Also included are a discussion on the pandemic, worker mobility and job training, a spotlight on biomedical trade on the border, and an infographic on the falling birth rates in Texas.

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Dallas Fed Energy Survey

Solid oil and gas sector growth continued in third quarter 2021, according to oil and gas executives responding to the Dallas Fed Energy Survey.

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Digital Inclusion

Broadband access opens doors to education, jobs and economic opportunity. It’s something every community needs to thrive.

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world pins
International House Price Database

The international house price database comprises quarterly house price and personal disposable income (PDI) series for 23 different countries with data since 1975.

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Texas Economy

Your source for information on the Texas economy and the Eleventh Federal Reserve District.

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COVID-19 Update

At the Dallas Fed, we're working to support the financial health of the people and businesses in the Eleventh District as we deal with this unprecedented crisis.

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Workforce Development

Many people in our district face barriers to economic opportunity. We're proud to support and celebrate National Workforce Development Month, which recognizes the importance of living wage career pathways and access to quality employment.

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Advance Together

Advance Together™ accelerates the progress of community partnerships in Texas that are addressing education and workforce challenges.

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Dallas Fed Economics
Dallas Fed Economics

Economic analysis and insights from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

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Energy Research

The Dallas Fed is a premier source for information on energy economics.


Dallas Fed Communities

Promoting the economic resilience and mobility of underserved communities.

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The Dallas Fed promotes a strong financial system and healthy economy for everyone in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District, which includes Texas, northern Louisiana and southern New Mexico. We’re building a strong economy together.

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